10 Tips for Choosing your Wedding Colors?


A bride recently asked me how to choose her wedding colors? Should she choose a color palette and then find bridesmaids dresses to match? Or should she find the perfect bridesmaid’s dress and let that dictate her wedding color palette. I think both are valid options; however, finding a dress in a color you love and basing your wedding palette around that may be the easiest. But not every bride is concerned if the bridesmaids’ dresses match the table runners. Whether you want everything in your wedding to match exactly or you could care less if things match, I’ve created a list to help you as you choose your wedding colors.

10 Tips for choosing a wedding color palette:

  1. What colors do you and your partner like? You will be looking at your wedding pictures for years to come, so you want to obviously use colors that you love. And certain colors feel more true to a couple’s style, so choose colors that you feel define you and your partner.
  2. Don’t pick something you hate. Have you ever seen wedding photos and thought, wow, that is an UGLY color. If so, don’t choose that color. It’s that simple. Some people think if they have a wedding they must use specific colors, but that’s just not true. Again, stay true to yourself and like the colors you use.
  3. Consider your venue. Think about your wedding venue and choose colors that will complement the venue. If you are having your wedding ceremony in a church with bright red carpet, you will want to remember this as you’re planning wedding colors, because a wedding could become very Christmas-y, real quick!
  4. Where will you take the majority of your wedding pictures? Be mindful of where you will be taking your wedding pictures. What will be your background for the pictures? If you aren’t sure what will clash with your venue take a swatch or article of clothing to the venue to check it out. And if you are really concerned, ask your photographer to tour the venue with you and ask her opinion.
  5. Consider the season you are getting married. Specific colors tend to go with certain seasons, so if you are particularly fond of a season, choose a color that corresponds with that season. For example, fall weddings tend to use burgundy, deep orange, and earthier colors.
  6. Choose a color you feel comfortable in. If the groom loves wearing a specific color then considering choosing a vest or tie in that color. That is an easy way to choose at least one of your wedding colors.
  7. Remember neutral colors don’t really count. You can easily add white or tan to a wedding without officially naming them in your wedding color palette.
  8. You can choose more than one wedding color. Feel free to have more than one wedding color, but don’t get crazy. (Unless you want a rainbow wedding, which is totally fine! We can make that look awesome.) When considering your wedding colors, two or three colors will allow you to add different colors, while also having a cohesive theme.
  9. Think in hues. If you and your partner love one color, consider using different hues in that color. For example, if you really want pink to be your wedding color. Considering using different hues of pink that look lovely together.
  10. Metallics are in. As you see in the pictures below, gold can be a stunning color to add some elegance to your wedding. Gold can be chosen as one of the colors in your color palette or used more like a neutral that is sprinkled throughout your décor to enhance your chosen wedding palette.
Photo Credit: Amanda May Photos

Photo Credit: Amanda May Photos


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