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Stressless Weddings

 About Stressless Weddings

Meet the Owner

Megan is the owner of Stressless Weddings and brings over 10 years of wedding and event planning experience from Knoxville, TN to Atlanta, GA.

Megan’s experience began by planning school events, fundraisers, and hosting parties for friends. After coordinating weddings for friends and family, Megan discovered her passion for wedding details and working with families celebrating the special occasion.
After graduating from seminary in 2015, Megan “retired” from her ministry position in Atlanta and followed her passion to  create Stressless Weddings in January of 2016.

Megan is a proud graduate of Carson Newman University  where she currently serves on the Alumni Association Board of Directors. She attended seminary at Mercer University‘s  McAfee School of Theology and holds a M. Div in pastoral care.

My Passions: Coordinating & Counseling

Megan loves the magic of a wedding day. Most importantly, she recognizes the couple’s future marriage is central to the celebration.

The importance of relationships is echoed throughout Megan’s personal and professional life. While she leads her team as a wedding coordinator, she also serves as a premarital counselor to couples. Ministering through relationships and counseling has always been Megan’s greatest passion. Stressless Weddings focuses on the relationship and the party. Whether you hire her for coordinating or counseling, or both, you will experience her genuine care of people.

Megan takes premarital counseling seriously and believes all couples will benefit. Under the guidance of a Duke Ph.D, Megan created a specialized curriculum focusing on the concerns of the modern couple. In premarital counseling with Megan, couples focus on discussing nine vital topics for a healthy relationship. Topics range from family dynamics and budgeting to intimacy and communication.

Our Mission

Stressless Weddings organizes weddings, but specializes in relationships! If you are looking for a wedding coordinator who cares about you as a couple, not just about getting you down the aisle, then Stressless Weddings is for you.

If you desire a strong foundation going into marriage, then premarital counseling with Stressless Weddings is for you!

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