Discovering My Why: Empowering and Encouraging

Discovering my why

Discovering My Why

My husband and I recently took a 10 day vacation to Hawaii. Hawaii was more beautiful than I could’ve imagined, provided a space for much needed relaxation, and brought me a sense of clarity in discovering more of my calling. (Also all the long talks with my husband helped a ton, he’s the real MVP!)

I want to share my heart behind my business or as some would say, discovering my “why?”.

When striving to know your “why” I believe you must first understand who you are. When asking tough questions, it’s very important to be honest with ourselves and not simply say what we want to hear. Here are my candid thoughts from the process of discovering my “why”.

Why weddings? And FAQs about my business

  • I saw a need for order in the chaos of wedding planning and on wedding day. I love to bring order to chaos.
  • I saw friends stressed to the max by tasks that I found enjoyable, so I offered to help them plan and coordinate their weddings.
  • I saw family (specifically mothers) working on their daughter’s wedding day; therefore, missing out on special moments with their girl. I’m best friends with my momma and couldn’t imagine her missing one minute with me on wedding day.
  • I believe weddings should be a celebration of the love between two people. And a wedding ceremony is the worship service celebrating a holy union before God. Stress and worry do not belong in a celebration or worship service. I saw an opportunity to use my gifts to serve others. I love to help!
  • I love being there for others! Whether they need advice, a shoulder to cry on, or just a word of encouragement. Relationships are what it’s all about. I get to offer that and so much more to my clients. Our relationship goes beyond wedding day and often extends into a lasting friendship.
  • I love marriage, but I also understand living with and getting along with someone else is hard. I offer premarital counseling to couples, but not because they have problems with their relationship. Rather, they want to prevent problems. We work through communications techniques, ways to handle disagreements, spirituality, philosophies of work ethic and finances, and much more. I want my couples to have a solid foundation going into marriage, so they are prepared for life AFTER the honeymoon!

In conclusion

  • I am an ENCOURAGER and an EMPOWERER! Always have been and hopefully always will be. Stressless Weddings is the creative vehicle that allows me to live out my passions of empowering and encouraging.



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