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Hi, I’m Megan Hurst Carter. I’m the owner and dreamer behind Stressless Weddings by Megan. Most days you can find me curled up on the couch with my miniature schnauzer, Tucker. Until recently, my couch was an office, a Netflix watching station, and a napping spot. I now have a “proper” office (if that’s even a thing) and enjoy working and dreaming with my brides from my home office.

When I’m not working, I love to serve the world by offering loving hugs and words of encouragement. I think a smile and a hug can change someone’s day. And I believe an encouraging word can change someone’s life. To my friends, I’m known as the over planned “mom” of the group. I can’t turn my maternal instincts off (thanks Mom!) and I am constantly striving to help others plan their lives more efficiently.

I am most passionate about my puppy, my husband, my family, and helping couples and their families enjoy their wedding day. More than just the couple are affected by wedding planning. My hope is that both families will feel confident they can relax on wedding day because the wedding is in good hands (my hands, EEEK!!). I don’t want moms, dads, and aunts hanging wreaths and spreading flowers while the couple is getting ready for their big day. I desire for families to be together celebrating ALL day, not just at the reception. I want parents of the couple to have time to process the magnitude of the commitment they are watching and then to remember the wedding fondly. Instead, of constantly wishing all the planning and stress is over.

Well, that’s me in a nutshell and my desire for Stressless Weddings to be a warm hug and encouraging word as you plan your big day. What would be the most helpful thing someone could do for YOU during wedding planning? Or if you’re already married, what kind of help do you wish you had?

Knoxville, TN Wedding Planner, Wedding Coordinator in Knoxville, TNKnoxville, TN Wedding Planner, Wedding Coordinator in Knoxville, TNKnoxville, TN Wedding Planner, Wedding Coordinator in Knoxville, TN

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