What services does Stressless Weddings offer?


Wedding Planning & Coordinating

Hiring a wedding planner allows you to relax, knowing your wedding is in good hands. We use our experience, education, and passions to create one of a kind weddings. When you hire Stressless Weddings, you are hiring someone with ten years of experience and a great attention to detail. We can decorate, set-up, coordinate vendors, and attend meetings with you. All packages are customized for you and your wedding needs, so we can offer you the best service! Want to learn if Stressless Weddings is the right coordinator for you? Fill out the contact form and tell me when you’d like to schedule your free consultation.

Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling focuses on the health and strength of a couple’s relationship. Through this counseling, I guide couples through conversations, exercises, and scenarios to build deeper connection. Sessions teach practical ways to strengthen your future marriage in a comfortable environment. Not only do couples develop stronger relationships through sessions, you can also save money on your marriage license by attending premarital counseling. Ask me how?


After working with couples through premarital counseling, many have asked me to officiate their weddings. I am honored to officiate the weddings of couples I work with in premarital counseling. Seminary prepared me to create meaningful ceremonies dedicated to the unique love story of the couple. Let me tell your love story at your ceremony.




Stressless Weddings Services

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