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Introducing Stressless Weddings’ Intern: Laura Battel


Photos by Abi

Stressless Weddings excitedly announces our intern, Laura Battel. Laura will be working with us for the duration of the 2017 season (and hopefully beyond). After reaching out to me at the beginning of the year, I knew she would be a wonderful addition to our team. Her drive towards excellence, sparkly personality, and attention to detail make her an asset to the Stressless Weddings’ family. I love having Laura on our team.

Laura is working alongside of me on wedding days and is also working through the Stressless Weddings’ summer curriculum to earn college credit. (How cool is that!) Part of the curriculum is social media focused and Laura will be “taking over” my Instagram and Instagram stories this weekend. If you follow me on Instagram be sure to show Laura alot of love via likes and comments. If you don’t follow us on Instagram, click Here to join in on all the Stressless Weddings’ fun.

Now let’s get to know Laura better. Check out her interview below.

How/ where did you meet Megan?

I saw Megan’s work on Instagram, and fell in love with the style of her weddings she coordinates. I knew that I wanted to be a part of that. I emailed her, and we met up for an interview. I am excited about this journey alongside her!

What’s your favorite food?

My favorite food is homemade guacamole dip and I love boneless buffalo wings.

What’s your favorite restaurant?

Tupelo Honey (This is also one of my favorite restaurants! I see many lunch meetings here in the future!)

What’s your favorite candy or sweets?

I usually go for more salty snacks as opposed to sweet snacks. However, there are a few sweets that I absolutely cannot resist! Chocolate covered strawberries, Halo Top Ice Cream, and sea salt caramels are always my delicious go-tos.

What do you love to do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I love to kayak, camp, and go antique shopping. My friends and I also make it a point to see several plays/musicals a year.

What’s something cool about you that a lot of people don’t know?

In high school, I was on my school’s dance team. We went to state, national, and international competitions. (You GO girl!)

How would you describe what you do?

As an intern, for Stressless Weddings by Megan, I have the awesome opportunity to work alongside individuals who have the same values and goals as myself. I assist Megan in decorating wedding venues, organizing rehearsals, and making sure the happy couple is happy at all times. I assist in marketing strategies and overall growth of the Stressless Weddings’ brand.

Why do you love what you do?

It is truly rewarding to experience each couple’s dream wedding come to life. 

What makes you most excited about this internship?

I am most excited about learning from doing. By having a hands-on internship, I am able to learn valuable lessons about marketing, decorating, and planning weddings from start to finish.

What drew you to intern for Stressless Weddings over other coordinators.

I was drawn to Stressless Weddings because of what Megan stands for. Stressless Weddings has a brand and wedding style unlike any that I have ever seen. The brand is organized, client focused, clean, and overall delightful. I wanted to be apart of a business that takes their work seriously and enjoys doing it. Megan truly brings all of that to the table every single wedding.

What is your favorite part of a wedding day?

My favorite part of a wedding day is the daddy/daughter dance. Experiencing this sweet moment between the bride and her dad always makes me cry. The father of the bride loved the bride from the very beginning. He has seen her from diapers, to awkward middle school days, to senior prom, and now her wedding day. The bride’s parents know her more deeply than anyone else in the world. That is truly beautiful.

Let’s Learn More about Laura…

Stressless Weddings Intern

Laura values family. This is evident whenever you talk with her and in the way she carries herself on a wedding day. This is a fun photo of Laura with her family.

Laura says this about the photo, “My mom, dad, and sister are some of the most important people in my life. They are funny, caring, and always supportive of my dreams.”




This picture is so sweet. These are a few of Laura’s best friends. At Stressless Weddings, we believe relationships matter. Laura shares these values!

Here’s why this picture means so much to her, “I recently lead a small group through ‘The Well’ at ETSU alongside Megan Todd. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life.”



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