VENDOR SPOTLIGHT: Colleen Munyan of Unique Settings Rentals-Knoxville, TN

Vendor Spotlight: Unique Settings Rentals

Today’s Vendor Spotlight is about one of the COOLEST people I know. I met Colleen, Unique Settings Rentals, on a whim and after interacting with her for 5 minutes, I knew I wanted to be her friend. We all need more “Colleens” in our life. She is fun and carefree and says whatever she feels, don’t we all wish we would do this more often? I recently told Colleen how cool I think she is and that her colorful tattoos are so pretty, she encouraged me to get some tats of my own. But I am a weenie and needles scare me, so I will just admire her tats for now!

Colleen Munyan of Unique Settings

Photo by Jessica Lee Photographic Art

So besides the fact that Colleen is awesome, she is also a kind and genuine business owner. She wants other businesses to succeed and cares more about working together than competing. Colleen is the kind of friend you want, and she has good taste in gorgeous rentals, so that’s a plus. Her rentals are great for any occasion. Can you imagine these plates gracing the table at a wedding, birthday, or anniversary celebration?  Here are some of the fun patterned plates for rent. This photo was taken by Jessica Lee Photographic Art with Makers Donuts, yum!

essica Lee Photographic Art and Makers Doughnuts

Jessica Lee Photographic Art and Makers Doughnuts


Here is an example of Colleen’s china styled with an elegant table setting.

Meet Colleen

Now let’s learn more about the businesswoman behind Unique Settings Rentals- Knoxville.


How/ where did you meet Megan?

“The Bride Link photo shoot with Katie Sams of RedBoat Photography.”

I was with my friend Katie when she told me she needed to stop by and pick something up, that’s when I met Colleen on a whim. Last week’s blog was about my friend Katie. If you missed it, you can read it here.

What’s your favorite food?

Chicken Soup

Other than your career, what do you love to do in your spare time?

Swimming, shopping and eating as many snacks as possible

What’s something cool about you that a lot of people don’t know?

“I helped the FBI catch a child predator in Buffalo, NY.” … I told you my friend Colleen was cool!

How would you describe what you do? (not just your career title)

I passionately collect, arrange and rent mismatched china plates, vintage glass goblets and tabletop décor items along with Dream catchers and Bohemian-styled backdrops for wedding and events in and around the Knoxville, East Tennessee and Smoky Mountain region.

Why do you love what you do?

Because there is an exact moment (you can see it when it happens) when a Bride, or a Mother of a Bride, or the Bride and her Mother look at the plates and JUST KNOW how much this addition means to them, and their family and traditions and beauty that the china and glasses will make for her special day. It’s a very special and precious moment, and it drives me everyday to make Unique Settings Mismatched China & Tabletop Rentals the best it can be.

What was your favorite photo(s) from this year? And why?

My fav photo is from Ben Finch Photography, at Castleton Farms. I think this picture truly captures the whimsy magic that mismatched china brings to an event, and how elegant and individual each place settings is! Kudos Ben Finch!



Here is a photo from the styled shoot with the Bride Link that Colleen and I did together with many other fabulous vendors. Colleen’s goblets are always a hit among wedding professionals!


One more photo, this is Colleen’s new Bohemian style line. She also has gorgeous boho backdrops. If you are interested in renting items for your wedding or event, contact Colleen, here. Tell her Megan sent you!


Anything else you want people to know?

Franchises Now Available! Visit our website for more info!

I love that Colleen is now doing franchises, what a neat opportunity for a creative! She would be a wonderful person to learn from if you are interested!


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