Stressless Weddings: Wedding Coordinating and Premarital Counseling

The past few days have been filled with celebration and reflection of the past year. Many of you have seen my instagram post, but for those who didn’t here it is.

Instagram Post

“One year ago tonight, I sat in our living room with anxious anticipation as Ryan encouraged me to click PUBLISH on my first website. I started with a free website as I got my business up and running. Then (faster than I anticipated) weddings came rolling in. Couples entrusted me with their big day. I worked with countless wedding vendors and venues from Kingsport to Johnson City to Atlanta. My first year of business was wonderful and I am so glad I took the plunge into business ownership a year ago.”

There it is, the abridged version of my year. And for more details of the highlights of last year check out THIS blog.

The past year, I could not have worked so many weddings without the support and help from my assistant, Lindsay, and my husband, Ryan. While I love working side by side with my hubby, his job is busiest in the summer and he will no longer be able to lend a hand. There is a very good chance I will be looking for another assistant as the workload continues to grow. Our 2017 wedding season is filling up and we could not be more thrilled. We are definitely ahead of where we were this time last year! Woo hoo!! I can’t wait to work with my sweet SW couples!

First Year

In the first year of Stressless Weddings, the wedding coordinating aspect of my business exploded and I am so grateful for this rapid growth. However, when you have a two-prong business and one sees more growth, the other tends to get left behind.

In 2016, I worked with couples through premarital counseling and I officiated a wedding. (Yes, I will officiate your wedding if you do premarital counseling with me!) I loved being a part of a couple’s special day in this way. Reading sacred words of love and devotion and having the couple repeat after me the vows they are promising is so special! I cannot describe the adoration I have for serving couples through premarital counseling and officiating. This year, I am making my own vow to work with more couples in this special way. When I was in seminary, I studied relationships, marriage, and premarital counseling. Helping couples learn to be better communicators and lovers of their future spouse is a joy!

Premarital Counseling

2017 marks my third year working with couples through premarital counseling. I am passionate about helping them create a strong foundation for a lasting marriage. I believe premarital counseling is one of the best (if not the best) way to develop and refine communication and interpersonal skills in order to learn how to best love your spouse.

If you know any newly engaged couples, send them my way for premarital counseling. I also offer a partial online package. So, if they do not live in or around Knoxville, Tennessee, I will still be happy to work with them virtually. Click here to contact me for premarital counseling.

I am will soon start a blog series on relationships. The series will focus partially on premarital counseling topics and things to consider when deciding if marriage is a direction, your relationship is headed. In addition, I will feature blogs focusing on maintaining strong marriages in an effort to continue to serve my Stressless Weddings’ couples. Stay tuned for this blog series and please contact me if you have any topics or struggles you would like me to address in the blogs.

I am looking forward to a wonderful year full of what I love: encouraging people to be their best selves and learning to love others better!

Thank you so much for following along on my journey and for reading my blogs. And as always, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this blog. And/or leave a topic you would like to see covered in the upcoming relationship blog series!

With Love,




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