What does a wedding planner do?



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What does a Wedding Planner do?

When you begin the wedding planning process, the task can seem overwhelming. You are trying to decide who you need to hire, when you’re getting married, and how to find a venue. These are all questions a wedding planner can help you answer. Obviously, I am biased and I REALLY believe a good wedding planner makes all the difference. Even before I joined this great profession, I could see the value in seeking advice from a wedding professional. Ok, so you want to know, how can a wedding planner help me? Wedding planners are well connected to other local vendors and can give you a reference in a snap. They’ve worked a lot of weddings and learned from their mistakes. If you hire a wedding coordinator, you won’t have rookie mistakes because they’ve already created a solution. And lastly they eat-breathe-and-dream weddings! Becoming a better wedding professional is always on their mind, so they will be able to offer you wonderful advice.

Today, I am going to discuss specifically what Stressless Weddings by Megan can do for you on your wedding day. Our name encompasses our mission to help you and your family have a “stressless” wedding! I desire for my clients to never feel overwhelmed by wedding planning; instead, to feel confident because they have a wedding professional in their corner. When my brides are struggling to plan, they send me a text or email and we work together to solve their issue. When a couple signs a contract with me, they are immediately welcomed into the Stressless Weddings’ family. I would say that my clients are my friends, but they are more than that, I treat them like family.

A wedding day is the special event that you invite your closest friends and family too. I do not take an invitation to a wedding lightly. I am honored by each invitation to plan and attend a couple’s wedding.

To better understand what a wedding planner at Stressless Weddings does, I will discuss the service packages we offer. Each package is customized to the specific needs of our couples. Whether you want me to plan your entire wedding from start to finish, or you need me to be your cheerleader as you walk down the aisle, Stressless Weddings has you covered with great planning and coordinating packages.

Our biggest package is the “Full Service Planning” package. This package allows you to dream endless dreams about your wedding, while I make them come true. I will assist you in the planning of your wedding, help you find and choose vendors, and I will even contact them for you. If you don’t want to do the leg work of calling and meeting with vendors, I will happily do it for you and then fill you in on all the info over lunch. Again, I strive to make the wedding planning process painless. Planning is fun for me, so let me do the work you don’t want to.

The next package I offer (my biggest seller) is the “month of” package. This package is for the bride who has dreamed of planning her own wedding. You know the one, she has a HUGE trapper keeper (I mean notebook) of all her wedding dreams and phone numbers galore. This bride does the research to find the vendors and then a few months before the wedding she realizes she may be forgetting something and all the meetings are becoming too much. I help brides navigate the hectic month before the wedding. This package allows me to get to know the couple’s wedding dreams and then carry the baton to the end. When the month before the wedding happens, I take the baton (or trapper keeper) and finish strong for the couple.

You may be wondering, but if they’ve already done the work, then why do they need help? Good question. The month before the wedding many deadlines, deposits, phone calls, emails, pick-ups have to be done. The couple is also trying to enjoy wedding showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and planning for their honeymoon. Instead of missing valuable time with family and friends, the couple hands off the last minute details to me, so they can enjoy their parties! I mean come on, everybody wants to party! Also, the month before the wedding is when a lot of things can go, well, wrong. I am able to handle a lot of hiccups without the couple ever knowing there was a problem.

My final package is the “day of” coordinating package. This is the smallest package, but still includes tons of value! I will not be working to fix all the “hiccups” the month before your wedding with this package, but I will be able to fix the issues that inevitably occur on your wedding day. With this package, I will show up bright and early on your wedding day to check on you and bring you a bridal survival kit, then I will help make sure you are staying on the timeline I created for you. I will also decorate (or have my fabulous assistant decorate) for your ceremony and rehearsal so that your family does not have to worry about decorating on your wedding day. I really want your family and special friends to be able to make the day about you, not about if they have enough ribbon to decorate with. Your wedding day is the one day it is totally ok to make it all about yourself and your future spouse. Hiring me to be your “day of” coordinator takes the stress off of your family and you can rest assured that you will be getting down the aisle on time.

To learn more about my packages, click HERE, or head on over to the contact form and shoot me your info. I would love to talk to you about how Stressless Weddings can help you have a joy-filled, stress-free wedding to remember!


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